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villa on Lake Seliger (Russia)

villa on Lake

East Europe
steel prefabrication structure system
in progress
Satoshi Okada
project team
Tatsuya Terada
photo credit:
Satoshi Okada architects

The present project is a private villa located in the countryside, facing onto a broad lake in Eastern Europe. An urban citizen, the client acquired a five hectares land deeply surrounded by nature; his preeminent request to the architect was barely to design his future lakeside retreat focusing on architectural beauty and extreme quality.

The concept is an invisible bridge: I instinctively envisioned a flat, see-through building lying on the lake. Its elsewhere oversized dimension, a hundred meters length, pursues a natural accordance with the physical scale of the land; the architectural value of such object is thrived by a peculiarly articulated theory, as it engages the natural context with a delicate and yet fragile balance. The project is currently under further development so that it will be adequate to a construction process through prefabrication.

Text by Satoshi Okada

villa on Lake villa on Lake villa on Lake