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House in On Normafa

House in On Normafa

Budapest, Hungary
reinforced concrete
in progress
Satoshi Okada
project team
Sándor Gergely(apostroph)
perspective images:
House in On Normafa

The house in Normafa was commissioned for the reknown photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty as his private residence. The designated land is one of the few still wide and undivided lots of in the prestigious district of Normafa, up on the hills approximately 5 km west from Budapest city centre; the site lies on the side of the thickly vegetated Svab Hill, within the Buda natural reservoir, studded with magnificent 200 years old beeches.

House in On Normafa

The full volume of the residence is subdivided into four slender cores that stand parallel to each other and bear the load of the whole building. These are interlocked with translucent and generous living spaces that face onto the forest between each core.

House in On Normafa

The entry sequence allows both a meandrous path across the luxurious garden from the northern gate and a direct approach to the house from the garage through the first core. The main entrance, in the second core, acts as a node for the entire house: this is a terrific viewpoint onto the waterfall on the southern side of the garden. From there on, one could either climb the stairs northwards or step into the living room, located at same level; in the latter, different shapes are juxtaposed to define a gallery and a double height living.

Utilities and services are contained in the cores and a guest room is also envisioned in the eastern wing of the house; the master bedroom and a second guestroom are placed one level above, flush with the roof garden over the third core.

The house is seemingly humble and respectful of such an intricate natural environment due to its complex fabric of interconnected strips, as if it reveres the trees by its austere composition.


Text by Satoshi Okada

House in On Normafa House in On Normafa House in On Normafa House in On Normafa
House in On Normafa House in On Normafa House in On Normafa
House in On Normafa