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House in Aobadai

House in Aobadai

Aobadai, Tokyo, Japan
238.46 sqm.
Satoshi Okada
project team
Daikichi Honma
structural designer
Kenta Masaki
general contractor
Fukazawa Construction Co.
photo credit:
Satoshi Okada architects
House in Aobadai

House is Aobadai was built on a sloping terrain of Dikanyama Hill, one of the most fashionable districts in Tokyo today. The trapezoid site, 9.2 meter wide x 25.2 meter deep, is on a narrow front road on the west. Due to the right to sunlight, the setback regulation restricts the building height less than 5.6 meter on the north boundary. The oblique wall, perpendicular to the east edge of the site boundary, divides the house into two portions: one is the lower and smaller section on the north side with the limited height by the setback regulation, but the space is exposed to the sky by a series of glass roof. The skylight, the highest quality glass of anti-heat and anti-ultraviolet-ray, is effective for introducing sunlight into the hall on the ground floor as well as providing a spatial openness to the interior. The other is the higher and lager section on the south side under the opaque roof made of steel structure.

House in Aobadai

A big garage was required to contain four vehicles, which automatically occupies the front half in the building area. The rest half on the ground floor was only for bedroom, bathroom, storage, entrance, and anteroom to the garage. While on the first floor, living, dining, kitchen, and restroom are planned with two terraces. The larger terrace above the garage functions as the place for party with business partners and the private use for outdoor bathing. Along the north wall, the skylight is made with a shallow stream, filtering the sunlight into the garage casting wavering water shadows. The rear smaller terrace is more intimate and rather calm, a part of which is the light well to the bedroom and bathroom down below. Landry next to the bathroom directly links to the garage, which is convenient for sweaty works of the car maniac.


Text by Satoshi Okada

House in Aobadai House in Ogikubo House in Aobadai
House in Aobadai
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